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Woodshop Wisdom #18 – She told me, “NOTHING Has Changed”…What Now?

I set myself back again. After months of working on myself I asked my wife how she felt about our relationship. She says nothing has changed. She still doesn’t have any of those “in love” feelings. Man, that hurt. I got a bit defensive. I have been working so hard showing up a better man, husband, and father. She closed down and we ended up in another argument with each other. If feels as if we are back to square one. I have spiraled down into this blanket of sadness thinking that there is no way out of this mess. How do I change the direction of our marriage?

Woodshop Wisdom #16 – I’ve worked so hard and she STILL wants out!

I am a good man. I was, and still am, a good provider, good listener, romantic, funny, attentive, and patient. We had a good life, it wasn’t perfect, but there was nothing that couldn’t be healed if we turned toward each other and stuck together. Yet, here we are, she still wants out of the marriage. I don’t understand. Why do we as men have to try so damn hard with our women? I mean it really shouldn’t be that difficult, should it?

Woodshop Wisdom #15 – How to Stop Blowing Up and Keep Your Cool

This question comes from a conversation I was having with another man. It was in reference to Tool #1 in the book “Hold On To Your N.U.T.S.” by Wayne Levine. In the book he talks about “silencing the little boy” that lives inside of us. It is the inner child that causes us to react versus respond. The purely emotional voice that has a quick temper, gets angry, and whines for the love and attention that is missing in his life. It is the child that demands the world around him to give him what he wants.

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