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Woodshop Wisdom #2 – Why Doesn’t She Trust Me?

After months of separation, we finally had the talk. As we sat across from each other on the deck outside I explained to her I’ve changed. I told her I am doing the work to become a better man, a better husband. She said, with tears in her eyes, “I don’t trust you.” I don’t get it. I’ve never cheated, I’ve provided for the family, I have been her support. What I have done can’t be that bad. She said something about being safe emotionally. I don’t know where to go from here. How do I make her feel emotionally safe?

Woodshop Wisdom #1 – Handling Anger

I want to tell her to pack her shit and leave tonight. I am in super rage mode right now. I texted her a few times and no reply. I just need a simple answer about dinner for the kids. I am so pissed off right now and sick and tired of this constant disrespect from her. Grrrr….how hard is it just to text me back?

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