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Become The Calm, Confident, Grounded Man You Have Always Wanted To Be And The Man Your Wife Needs You To Be.

 We help men like you understand how to become the calm, confident, grounded man you have always wanted to be and the man your wife needs you to be. We help you become more attractive to your wife, handle her moods, and lead your wife to a new 2.0 version of your marriage.




 Your wife just said, “I need space“, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you“, “I’ve been having an affair” or “I want a separation or divorce?” She is emotionally shut down, physically withdrawn, romantically unaffectionate, won’t talk to you, doesn’t want to have sex, and isn’t interested in spending time with you.

This is a scary time for a man. He doesn’t want to lose his wife, his family, his home, or the life he has worked so hard to build. It can be hard to know where to turn, who to listen to, and what advice to trust.

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The Failing
Recovery Plan

Men learn to navigate their current situation while seeking a greater understanding of themselves, their wife, their life, and their purpose as a man.

If you have heard, “I love you, but I am not in love with you,” “I need space,” “I think I want a divorce,” or “I think we should separate,” this is the course is made for you.

The Four Key
Coordinates for Masculine Greatness

Embark on a transformative journey with ‘Four Key Coordinates for Greatness.’ This course empowers men through the pillars of Unconditional High Regard, Ownership, Self-Reliance, and Brotherhood.

Discover the path to authentic self-mastery and forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Dead Romance
Renovation Plan

The Dead Romance Renovation Plan

Explore the root causes of intimacy issues, navigate crucial milestones for self-renewal, and revitalize your partnership.

Gain actionable strategies for personal growth, reignite passion, and build a profoundly connected, fulfilling relationship. Start your journey today towards love and lasting intimacy.



These courses offer a deeper level of support to the man who has moved beyond crisis and seeks deeper understanding, growth, and transformation about specific topics. 

Ask us your questions, and get personalized answers and guidance.

Resilient Man

The Emotionally Resilient Man

Navigate intense emotions with “The Emotionally Resilient Man.”

Transform fear into strength, learning to harness and utilize powerful emotions for a richer, more resilient life. Welcome a journey of self-discovery, overcoming suppression, and embracing emotional well-being.

*Note: This course is included with membership to The Brotherhood.
Membership begins by requesting a free session with a mentor.
You’ll be invited to join if the mentor believes you are a good candidate.

A Man’s Guide to Understanding Menopause

A Man's Guide to Understanding Menopause and Peri-Menopause

Gain a profound understanding of menopause in our course for men. Learn what to do (and not to do) during this transformative season.

Discover strategies to support your partner and nurture your well-being during this empowering journey.

*Note: This course is included with membership to The Brotherhood.
Membership begins by requesting a free session with a mentor.
You’ll be invited to join if the mentor believes you are a good candidate.

Masters in
Way of Superior Men

Masters In Manhood -Way of The Superior Man

Embark on a self-guided journey with “Masters in Manhood: Way of Superior Men.”

Experience the wisdom of Jeff Allen and Sven Masterson through weekly commentary, assignments, and ongoing course-level discussions.

Access 40 private Zoom calls, sharpen your masculine skills, and delve into the profound teachings of “The Way of The Superior Man.”


Premium Courses

Explore our Journey to Masculine Greatness with these premium, exclusive, members-only courses. Begin immediately benefitting from small group mentoring, weekly live sessions, and deeply personal engagement, fostering transformative growth and connection in our supportive community.

*Participants who complete all four of the courses below are awarded lifetime complimentary membership to The Brotherhood, our private, members-only community.

These courses require membership in The Brotherhood. Membership begins by requesting a free discovery session with a mentor.
You’ll be invited to join if the mentor believes you are a good candidate.

Get Mentoring, Guidance, and Support

The Renewed Masculine Man

The Renewed Masculine Man

Mastering masculinity requires good information and better company.

Join men on a life-changing journey of personal transformation and discovery through the masculine mind. Rewire broken places in your mind and heart, learning to live a full, content, and satisfying life. Experience anakainōsis—a renewal, renovation, and complete change for the better in the deep realms of the masculine heart, mind, and soul.

The Connected Intimate Man

The Connected Intimate Man

Explore seven masculine archetypes for personal transformation, fostering self-trust, enriching life experiences, and deepening intimacy.

Beyond relating to women, these archetypes nurture a man’s soul, essential for a robust partnership.

Join this curated journey to discover the qualities needed for a fulfilling emotional connection in your relationship.

The Inspired Attractive Man

The Inspired Attractive Man

Discover ‘The Inspired Attractive Men’ course—live with inspiring passion and enthusiastic zeal.

Unlock the secrets to creating a life that captivates and inspires not only yourself but also those around you.

Embrace transformative lessons on cultivating personal magnetism and radiating an irresistible aura of positivity. Elevate your attractiveness and inspire a life that resonates with purpose and fulfillment.

The Empowered Initiated Man

The Empowered Initiated Man

Discover how to live with mission and purpose.

Embark on a transformative journey to unlock your inner potential and embrace a life driven by clarity and direction.

Gain practical tools and insights to empower your personal and professional pursuits. Discover the keys to living a purposeful, impactful existence, and become the architect of your empowered destiny.

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