We focus on four main things

Restoration. Inspiration. Connection. Empowerment.

Mentoring Men is a global men’s community that guides men to renew and restore their hearts and minds, inspires them to improve their relationships, shows them the path to a deeply-connected intimate life, and empowers them to discover and express their mission and purpose.

About Mentoring Men

Welcome to Mentoring Men. We’re a collective of like-minded, independent, professional men’s mentors and coaches. We’re collaborating together to dent the universe by improving the masculine journey of men around the world an the experience of those they encounter.

We do this through the modalities of coaching and mentoring.

We equip men to lead happier, joy-filled lives of intention, mission and purpose and guide men toward experiencing deeper connection, lasting passion, hot sex, and abiding intimacy.

We show men the way toward self-reliance, independence, responsibility and ownership. How to gain mastery over their inner life in order to lead themselves and their loved ones to victory.

We show men how to steward the resources of their mind, money, and talents to better serve themselves and their communities.

Masterful Mentoring

Founding Mentors

Matt Epsky

Matthew Epsky

#Divorced #Father #Minnesota #USA #Business Owner #Founder

Passion: Creating my vision of love, compassion, and acceptance in this world. Staying true to my dream of fully loving from my soft heart, to live purposefully, and to serve from a place of abundance.

Dennis Collins


#Divorced #Father #Kansas #USA #Business Owner #Founder

Passion: To help men rediscover their masculine self and grow to be a high value man who leaves a legacy behind.

Coach Charlie McKeever

CHARLie Mckeever

#Married #Father #Ex-Marine #Recovering Nice Guy #Texas #Founder 

Passion: Helping men set themselves free of suffering. 

For the first 45 years of my life, I tried to do everything right, not make any mistakes, and people please everyone else in my life so that I would feel safe, secure, loved, accepted, appreciate, and happy.

Along the way, I became frustrated, resentful, and exhausted. By age 45, I felt unappreciated, undesired, and unloved in my marriage. I had no friends, and no hobbies, and my wife was the center of my world, mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically.

If she was in a good mood, I was okay. If she was in a bad mood, I felt unsettled, anxious, and reactive. This led to her eventually wanting a divorce after 22 years of marriage and I was devastated.

 Today we are still married, have the best relationship of our marriage, and enjoy spending time together and apart. I am no longer dependent on her moods for my sense of well-being and I have friends, hobbies, and a life I enjoy.

When a man truly understands his value, his influence, and his capacity to love without needing anything from anyone, the whole world opens up to him.

If you want to experience something different in your own marriage and life, contact me and let’s set up a time to talk about your situation and how you can make the necessary changes to live the life you have always wanted to live as the man you have always wanted to be.

Sven Masterson

Sven MAsterson

#Married #Father #Pennsylvania #USA #Homesteader #Homeschooler #Business Owner #Entrepreneur #Founder

Passion: My mission is to locate the man who’s exhausted himself silly in his pursuit of trying to achieve and perform his way to having more value, worth, and significance, and guide him toward a vigorous, satisfying, and abundant life.

This is the man who can’t bear to look at himself in the mirror for the contempt he feels for himself despite his efforts and achievements.

He’s often the man who everyone else thinks is great, except himself.

He feels his providing is never enough, his dedication is never enough, and no matter how much better he gets at life, he still feels miserable.

He tends to be an over-achiever, hard-working, and “successful” in the eyes of most, but he feels completely different at his kitchen table, in the bedroom, or when his wife or partner has critical things to say.

When he’s honest with himself, the truth is, he wants more for himself. Way more. He often fantasizes about “starting over” with another lover, but then also feels guilty and ashamed for wanting that.

The men I guide are disappointed, stuck, and uncertain how to get where they want to go.


Associate Mentors

Dan F - Associate

Daniel FrITSCH

#Married #Father #West Virginia #USA #Firefighter #EMS #Horses #Associate


Masterful Mentors IN THE MAKING

Apprentice Mentors

Sean M - Apprentice


#Married #Father #Texas #USA #Apprentice


Andy M - Apprentice


#Married #Father #South Carolina #USA  #Business Owner #Entrepreneur #Apprentice


Sean M - Apprentice


#Married #Father #Utah #USA #Apprentice

Sean M - Apprentice

Jeff Friedman

#Married #Father #California #USA #Apprentice


Craig Vickers - Mentoring Men


#Married #Father #New Hampshire #USA  #Business Owner #Apprentice


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Get Support From a Community of Men

men's community

Our global online community of men offers nearly round-the-clock access to brotherhood and camaraderie with deep, intelligent, high-quality men who love and serve one another.

Connect with other men who who care and support one another. Ask hard questions, get insightful guidance and conquer life's challenges.


one-on-one mentoring

Does one of our mentor's content really resonate with you? We offer an easy path to connect with our mentors and coaches for powerful, effective and FREE one-one-one exploratory sessions. Men interested in going further and get ongoing guidance can do so with the mentor(s) of their choice.

group mentoring

Many men prefer a personal development journey in a band of brothers. We offer community-wide live mentoring calls, group events, small group courses and much more. 

courses & Retreats

Our mentors and coaches love to serve men and do so with courses on topics that matter to men. Self-study and group courses available.

Many of our mentors and coaches also offer live retreats in destinations throughout the United States, Mexico, the UK, and Australia with more locations coming soon!

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