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“The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who have helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.”
Ulysses S. Grant

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About Mentoring Men

Welcome to Mentoring Men. We’re a collective of like-minded, independent, professional men’s mentors and coaches. We’re collaborating together to dent the universe by improving the masculine journey of men around the world an the experience of those they encounter.

We do this through the modalities of coaching and mentoring.  

We equip men to lead happier, joy-filled lives of intention, mission and purpose and guide men toward experiencing deeper connection, lasting passion, hot sex, and abiding intimacy.

We show men the way toward self-reliance, independence, responsibility and ownership. How to gain mastery over their inner life in order to lead themselves and their loved ones to victory.

We show men how to steward the resources of their mind, money, and talents to better serve themselves and their communities.

Masterful Mentoring

Founding Mentors

Matt Epsky

Matthew Epsky

Passion: Creating my vision of love, compassion, and acceptance in this world. Staying true to my dream of fully loving from my soft heart, to live purposefully, and to serve from a place of abundance.

Dennis Collins


Passion: To live a life filled with gratitude, joy and fun.  This means I am also vulnerable. While this could allow me to be hurt, it also allow me to live a complete life with great love, intimacy, and connection.

Charles McKeever


Passion: Helping men learn to be calm, confident, loving, playful, unshakeable, open, and inviting, comfortable in their own skin and reconnected with their joy.

Sven Masterson


Passion: Restoring men by helping them recover their sense of identity, value, worth, significance and purpose. 

enrichment for men

Get Support From a Community of Men


one-on-one mentoring

Does one of our mentor's content really resonate with you? We offer an easy path to connect with our mentors and coaches for powerful, effective and FREE one-one-one exploratory sessions. Men interested in going further and get ongoing guidance can do so with the mentor(s) of their choice.

group mentoring

Many men prefer a personal development journey in a band of brothers. We offer community-wide live mentoring calls, group events, small group courses and much more. 

courses & Retreats

Our mentors and coaches love to serve men and do so with courses on topics that matter to men. Self-study and group courses available.

Many of our mentors and coaches also offer live retreats in destinations throughout the United States, Mexico, the UK, and Australia with more locations coming soon!

men's community

Our global online community of men offers nearly round-the-clock access to brotherhood and camaraderie with deep, intelligent, high-quality men who love and serve one another.

Connect with other men who who care and support one another. Ask hard questions, get insightful guidance and conquer life's challenges.

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