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Sven Masterson

Professional Men’s Mentor & Coach

Hi, I’m Sven! I wake up every day to help men experience the deep transformation and restoration that leads to the life they’ve been searching for! 

How did I get here?

My Values & Beliefs

I value values

Every man makes every decision – even the small ones – based on values. Even your decision to be here on this page is a reflection of what you value. To keep reading is based on values, to contact me is based on values, to be mentored is based on values. Values are everything.

I value beliefs

Every man experiences the life his beliefs have created. Beliefs are the foundation of our values. All beliefs producing results. Some just produce shitty results.

I believe in your value

My beliefs are that every single human is a previous masterpiece. A work of art. As a masterpiece, each is priceless and posesses infinite value. That means you are a masterpiece and work of art, and as such, I recognize your value.

I believe you and me can use our values and beliefs to impact our lives

I mentor men because I know and have experienced that sharing in another man’s journey makes a difference. Sharing my values and beliefs to help another man get clear about his makes a transformative difference in his life and mine.

I believe you and in you

I believe your experience of your story and the pain you’ve experienced as a result. believe that you have what it takes to be the great man you’ve always desired to be.

I value me

After a long and arduous journey of self-discovery, I’ve come to understand my own value and value myself without shame or apology.

I believe me and in me

After a long and arduous journey of self-discovery, I’ve also come to believing the best about me. Forgiving myself and reminding myself that I am not my behavior, but am loving, good, noble, kind and compassionate. That has led me to believing in myself as well and that what I set out to accomplish is demonstrating these attributes to others, I am qualified and capable of doing.

My Approach

I work with men in one-on-one or small group settings to achieve a total transformation of self.

My approach is intensely personal, loving, and relational – as mentoring should be. I share openly, honestly, and deeply from my own experiences both good and bad and create a safe context for me  to do the same. 

My approach is non-judgmental and warm. It’s inviting and connecting. Men feel lighter and a weight off their chest at the conclusion of our time together. They feel hope and can see a way out of the darkness and know I’ll be there with them as the exit into the light.

My approach is also honest and accountable. I vigorously affirm and ecnrouage what a man is doing well and share gently but honestly what he’s not. I tell him the things he desparately needs to hear that others are too scared to say and that he’s not sure he wants to hear but knows he needs to.

I do all of this in an ongoing relationship where we speak regularly and work through life together. Unwinding challenges together and breathing life into exaspertating times.

Sven Masterson

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