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Hi, I’m Dennis! I wake up every day to help other men experience deep transformation and restoration leading to the life they’ve been searching for! 

My Story

So if you’re reading this I want you to take a deep breath and realize you’re not alone brother. Whether you are in your twenties trying to figure out yourself and relationships or in your thirties forties and fifties and up trying to save your marriage from divorce, you now have coaches and mentors who can help you on this journey you were no longer going it all alone.

Back 15+ years ago there was no place like Mentoring Men so that when I was caught completely off guard with the “I want a divorce” discussion I had few resources and nothing to let me know that everything I did, instead of possibly helping save my marriage was actually guaranteeing its death.  So then once I failed to fix it, or save it, or whatever the hell I was trying to do I spiraled into anger and bad habits.

Only later did I learn of my wife’s emotional affair, hell I didn’t even know what that was at the time! A few years later after being the first of anyone I knew to get divorced, friends started getting divorced and replicating some of the bad habits I had done, and that is when my coaching career began.  However this is also why I do what I do now to help other men avoid the mistakes I made and while they want to save their marriage I help them save themselves.  That’s the irony, men often come seeking help in saving their marriage and ultimately end up saving themselves, and they end up with a better improved marriage as well.

Mentoring Men is a continuation of my mission………to help other men become the best version of themselves and become a man who leaves a legacy.

My Values & Beliefs


I believe a man should conduct himself with integrity.  How one acts regardless of where you are, and who is looking goes to the quality of the man.   My standards of behavior do not change based on the situation.


A life without love is incomplete.  The mistake is many men seek to get love, not understanding that as a great man we give our love from an abundant and overflowing heart.

Open Heartedness

I am a man who is unashamed to live open heartedly.  This to mean being loving, authentic, and sharing both my successes, and failures authentically.  I live a life filled with gratitude, joy and fun.  This means I am also vulnerable, while this could allow me to be hurt, it also allows me to live a complete life with great love, intimacy, and connection.

Serve Powerfully

I feel that my calling is to help men on their journey to become a great man, one that leaves a legacy that touches their children.  So that means using all the tools at my disposal to help other brothers on this journey.

Lifelong Learning

Learning does not end after high school or college, that is when the real learning begins.  As men we need to be continually learning, we need to be learning or growing, otherwise we are dying.  We have a responsibility to pass the knowledge on to, and help other men.

Live An Intentional Abundant Life

A man cannot be complete if he just exists.  Life is to be lived, enjoyed, experienced, and savored.  One does not do this by going through the motions.  One does this by coming from a loving place of abundance and by being intentional.  You create and live an amazing life…… does not happen by accident.  This means challenging yourself and not just allowing the world to happen to you.


I believe a confident masculine man not only leads in relationships but also in creating and fostering an atmosphere of fun and playfulness.   Laughter and happiness are as critical in a life well lived as integrity and love.

My Approach

I have experience with the pain of what I thought was a solid marriage ending.  The deep pain associated with this is something I will always remember.  What I did not realize for a number of years that it was a tremendous gift.  

What I did not have was a mentor or coach, and I failed badly not realizing what I was doing to try and “save” my marriage was actually making things worse.  To this day I vividly can recall in tears saying “tell me what I need to do to fix it” to my wife.  I learned the hard way which is why I am a full time coach now, to help men avoid additional pain and suffering associated with this, and possibly helping them turn their marriage into a far better version of what it was.

I am direct, honest and believe in accountability. Men that I coach do not get told what they want to hear, I tell them what they need to hear, need to know.  We discuss all aspects of their life, nothing is off limits.  In the end the men that I coach end up have better relationships with their kids, do better at work, and often turn around to a better loving, connected, and more intimate marriage.

For those that cannot get to version 2.0 with their wife, they find that life an amazing life with deep meaningful connections and relationships.  They learn how being present in the moment is what is critical to an amazing life.

You will find that I will walk beside you in this journey, you will not be alone.  We may feel some pain together but we will also smile and laugh and enjoy your success as you create an amazing life for yourself.

Dennis Collins
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