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Hi, I’m Charlie! I help men like yourself who want to stop mentally beating themselves, build their confidence, and quit playing small in life.

My Story

Hello brother. My name is Charlie McKeever. I have been married for 27 years, have two grown children, and live in Austin, Texas.

After reading No More Mr. Nice Guy, I began a journey to reconnect with my masculine and eliminate “nice guy” behaviors that were negatively affecting all areas of my life.

Since then I have learned how to be a calm, confident, loving, playful, unshakeable, open, and inviting man, comfortable in my own skin and reconnected with my joy.

If you feel insecure, anxious, attached to outcomes, and negatively affected by the emotions of your wife, girlfriend, or some other female in your life. Let’s talk if you want to make a real change in your life.

I offer both group coaching and private one-on-one coaching for men like yourself who want to stop mentally beating themselves up, build their confidence, and quit playing small in life.

You can be a happy man again.

Let’s walk there together.

~ Charlie

My Values & Beliefs

You are valuable, meaningful, and powerful!

You were born with all the value you are ever going to need in life. If you lived a thousand years, you still couldn’t use up all your value. You can’t add to or subtract from that value. You can only learn to step into that value and share yourself with others.

You are not your job, your relationship, or your thoughts.

You are a human being, not a human doing. Your job title is not you. You are separate from your relationships. Your brain is an organ that generates thoughts, like your heart pumps blood and your lungs take in oxygen, and you are not the random thoughts that your brain generates.

The biggest mistake is trying not to make mistakes.

 It’s okay to not be “perfect”. In fact, most people can’t relate to perfect. Perfect separates us. Let’s be honest, it’s freakin’ exhausting. I know you are tired. Tired of thinking about what other people might be thinking. Worrying that others might see your mistakes and discover your imperfections. It’s okay. They already know. You aren’t hiding anything. Put down that giant bag of poop down and stop carrying it around. It’s not helping. In fact, it’s one of the sources of your daily pain and problems.


My Approach

When I was in my darkest hour, sitting at the bottom of a well with my heart torn out, another brother was there for me. He listened. He asked questions. He offered perspective. He pointed me to resources to watch, read, and listen too.

He helped me see that I was in fact already okay and that where I wanted to be wasn't a place I need to get to, but a place that I could come from.

He helped me understand that I am an individual separate from my wife, my career, my house, my car, my clothes, my bank account.

He taught me how to slow way down, become an observer, quiet my mind, get clear on what I want, and be calm, confident, and pleased with myself.

He taught me how to finally be comfortable in my own skin.

And that's what I can do for you too. We will talk privately one-on-one each week. I will send you personalized support videos to guide you.

You will have deep and meaningful conversations with other men and together we will pull you up from the well and into the sunshine.

We will walk together and when you are ready, you will be able to help another brother do the same.

Coach Charlie McKeever
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