Extraordinary Men Require Extraordinary Brotherhood

No man truly serious about his masculine journey will thrive and reach his full potential in isolation. A man intent on being his absolute best finds exponential advantage in doing so in a brotherhood of other initiated men.

Move From…

  • Feeling alone and disconnected. 
  • Wondering where all the great men are. 
  • Looking for more than “masculinity” that feels more like junior high school
  • Feeling like you relate better to women
  • Concluding that all men talk about is hunting, fishing, BBQ, and sports
  • Feeling small in the company of other men
  • Floundering in your confidence and masculine journey
  • Feeling disrespected, rejected, and alone
  • Constant up-and-down feelings about your value and self-worth

Move Into…

  • Feeling deeply connected 
  • Hitting the proverbial jackpot of mature masculine men
  • Experiencing warm-hearted, open, engaging, and vulnerable men
  • Finding men that you’d given up hope existed
  • Experiencing the deepest conversations with men in your entire life 
  • Men who will show you how large you are.
  • Knowing your testicular fortitude 
  • Knowing yourself to be respectable, self-acceptance, and the joys of solitude
  • Certainty of your value and self-worth

Why join?

Our community is like no other… deep, connected, passionate men serving and encouraging one another with authenticity and love. Our members are experiencing the best friendships of their lives and connecting with other men in ways they never thought possible.

Our members are engaged in ongoing supportive care for one another as each strives to live as the best version of himself as a man. Mentors serve our community with custom content, group mentoring, retreats, live calls and events, and more.

While our community is unapologetically masculine, we do so without supporting stereotypes, caricatures, or categorizations that promote the superiority of some men over others.

Are you a virtuous man on a mission to locate a band of brothers with a similar character to yours? If so, join us and sigh in relief – you’ve found your brotherhood.

Joining the extraordinary brotherhood at Mentoring Men is a fast, low-risk, low-cost, and efficient means of getting more direct help from us and an excellent first step on any man’s mentoring journey.

This is a great way to get to know us, our message, our hearts, and our character further and is perfect for the man looking for a minimal-risk next step in a mentoring relationship.

Investment level:
Time: You decide
Cost: Minimal ($50/month)

How to get started:
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