Fifty Must-Have Transformations For Living A Radically-Satisfying Masculine Life

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I set out today to continue working on a free course we’re constructing for men experiencing sexless and sex-starved marriages. As I began brainstorming for the course outlines, I began listing the common attributes, attitudes, actions, habits, behaviors, and emotions that every sexless, suffering man we’ve encountered seems to have in common.

Then it occurred to me – these are the same things men in all suffering marriages and long-term relationships have in common!

The root of nearly all suffering men face is always the same stuff

We help men through the entire masculine adventure and serve men from 18-80+. Yet, we meet most of these men when they begin experiencing significant challenges in their journey as men. For most men, these challenges occur in the context of relationships.

We find that no matter what challenges men face, each requires personal transformation to overcome.

The following transformations are fifty “must-have” transformations we find to routinely lead men to richly satisfying, vigorous, resilient, intimate, and deeply connected lives.

The transitions men must make to experience an epic life

1. Transform Aimlessness into Purpose
2. Transform Anger into Empathy
3. Transform Animosity into Authenticity
4. Transform Anxiety into Confidence
5. Transform Arrogance into Humility
6. Transform Being Right into Being Okay
7. Transform Being Used into Being Honest
8. Transform Bitterness into Compassion
9. Transform Blame into Ownership
10. Transform Chasing Women into Pursuing Life
11. Transform Codependency into Differentiation
12. Transform Coldness into Warmth
13. Transform Collapsing into Expanding
14. Transform Complaining into Forbearing
15. Transform Confusion into Clarity
16. Transform Contempt into Forgiveness
17. Transform Dabbling into Devotion
18. Transform Defensiveness into Curiosity
19. Transform Entitlement into Appreciation
20. Transform Exasperation into Inspiration
21. Transform Fear into Love
22. Transform Getting Sex into Giving Love
23. Transform Hard-heartedness into Open-Heartedness
24. Transform Helplessness into Self-Agency
25. Transform Hurt into Healing
26. Transform Idleness into Action
27. Transform Impatience into Presence
28. Transform Indecisiveness into Deliberation
29. Transform Injuries into Opportunities
30. Transform Insecurity into Security
31. Transform Judgment into Acceptance
32. Transform Limbo into Self-Reliance
33. Transform Making Threats into Making Peace
34. Transform Melancholy into Motivation
35. Transform Misery into Mastery
36. Transform Neediness into Fullness
37. Transform Pouting into Self-soothing
38. Transform Powerlessness into Powerfulness
39. Transform Rejection into Self-Approval
40. Transform Seeking Perfection into Being Resilient
41. Transform Seeking Safety into Creating Safety
42. Transform Shame into Self-Acceptance
43. Transform Timidity into Grit
44. Transform Transactional Love into Unconditional Love
45. Transform Ultimatums into Invitations
46. Transform Uncertainty into Hope
47. Transform Unreliability into Integrity
48. Transform Urgency into Patience
49. Transform Victimization into Self-Rescue
50. Transform Waiting into Penetrating

Transformation is incompatible with isolation

The number one reason we encounter men struggling to experience transformation is trying to do it in isolation using information. We love books, blogs, podcasts, and videos as much as any other man! Nevertheless, we reliably witness men experiencing incredible new gains to their journey as men when they do so in the company of like-minded men.

Mentoring Men is a community of transformational men helping one another experience the best life offers for men. Come check it out yourself with a FREE 7-day trial. You won’t be disappointed.

Want deeply caring, expert guidance with your transformation?

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Sven Masterson

Sven Masterson

I wake up daily ready to guide men. Specifically, those exhausted from their pursuit of trying to achieve and perform their way to having more value, worth, and significance. I'm passionate to help a man who... - can't bear to look at himself in the mirror for the contempt he feels for himself despite his efforts and achievements. - who everyone else thinks is great, except himself.  - who feels his providing is never enough, his dedication is never enough, and no matter how much better he gets at life, he still feels miserable.
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