My Wife and I had a massive fight, and I can’t sleep. I’m broken and don’t know what to do.

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We get a lot of messages from men experiencing terrible pain and conflict in their marriages.

Recently, we received this message from a client:

“Dena and I had a massive fight, and I can’t sleep. I’m broken. I don’t know what to do with her anger. She said she didn’t want to be married. I don’t think she means it.

She drank too much, and then the anger came. We need help, but I’m not sure where to go next. I know all the things we’ve been learning are helping me. I feel like the drinking is a huge part of this, though.

I see her, and I’m tender for her. She has chronic back pain, and she drinks to feel better. It’s like a different person comes out that makes no sense multiple times a week when she drinks.

Tonight it was actually around her wanting sex. She had said not to initiate and wait for her. I’ve done well at honoring that, but tonight’s anger was because I didn’t initiate, and she feels “like she’s in a desert”.

At the same time she says she could never be intimate with me because I’m “angry” and I just talk with no action.

I don’t agree with that. It’s around and around. Is it time to talk with a counselor together? We can’t seem to hear each other. But how can we talk when she’s drinking? It’s like I’m talking to Jekyll and Hyde.”


Our Response

In this video, Mentoring Men co-founder and professional men’s mentor Sven Masterson shares how to overcome these moments of intense conflicts and lead self and relationship forward and upward.

Here’s the graphic Sven reviewed with Nate

How To Respond to Partner Complaints As A Mature, Masculine Man

When videos, blogposts, and images don’t seem to be enough to turn around your failing marriage

Need some help navigating the emotionally-charged, round-and-round, exasperating complaints of your wife or partner? We can help!

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Sven Masterson

Sven Masterson

I wake up daily ready to guide men. Specifically, those exhausted from their pursuit of trying to achieve and perform their way to having more value, worth, and significance. I'm passionate to help a man who... - can't bear to look at himself in the mirror for the contempt he feels for himself despite his efforts and achievements. - who everyone else thinks is great, except himself.  - who feels his providing is never enough, his dedication is never enough, and no matter how much better he gets at life, he still feels miserable.
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