Has your wife told you
“I need space”?

Free “I need SPACE” Immediate action plan: 7 sessions + 1 BONUS DISCUSSION

Learn why she wants space, is distant, cold, silent, and checked out of the relationship. Learn how to master this challenging relationship moment gracefully and confidently and use it to create an even better relationship than before


The “I Need Space” Immediate Action Plan

Welcome to the I Need Space Immediate Action Plan. In this video, we’ll orient you to the action plan and explain how to get the most out of these free resources.

Immediate action plan: step 1

Be Clear About How Much Time You Are Willing To Give Her.

In this video, we discuss the following:

  • How much time and space are enough?
  • How can I overcome feeling in “limbo”?
  • Common mistakes men make that endlessly add more time to the clock
  • How to truthfully know if the space should be permanent

Immediate action plan: Step 2

Nail Down Living Arrangements That Meet Your Needs & Hers.

In this video, we discuss the following:

  • How to avoid common mistakes men make when choosing where to live while giving her space
  • Why men make these mistakes, and how to think differently
  • How, when, and why to leave your master bedroom
  • How, when, and why to return to your master bedroom

Immediate action plan: Step 3

Be Clear How You’ll Handle All Other Relationships.

  • What, when, and how will you tell your children you’re taking a break?
  • Should you tell your parents, in-laws, and friends?
  • What are your standards for romance, dating, and sexual contact with others during this space?

Immediate action plan: Step 4

Focus On Your Personal Development & Growth.

  • What is your plan for your personal development and growth?
  • What are you committed to change within yourself?

Immediate action plan: Step 5

Avoid These Common “Anxious-Husband” Blunders.

In this video, we discuss the following blunders anxious husbands often make:

  • Declaring your undying love
  • Gift giving
  • Compliment bombing
  • Smothering
  • Coalition building

Immediate action plan: Step 6

Know What You Want For Yourself & Your Life.

In this video, we discuss the following:

  • The importance of knowing what you want and unapologetically stating it without…
    • begging
    • pleading
    • arguing
    • defending
    • or taking her responses to it personally

Immediate action plan: Step 7

Surround Yourself With Brothers Who Know The Way!

Most men make a series of reactive, panicky decisions when their wife asks for space. Many of these mistakes can be avoided by surrounding yourself with quality men who are experienced in traveling through this exact landscape.

In this video, we discuss the following:

  • Why solid male friends are essential to restoring your relationship
  • What kind of men to seek out
  • What kind of men to avoid like the plague


Understanding The “I Need Space” Landscape.

Watch this unfiltered, unscripted, raw conversation between Mentoring Men founders Matt Epsky and Sven Masterson. Listen as they explain why women ask for space, what she means and wants, how you can avoid common mistakes, and how to understand what is going on.

Hearing "I need space" can turn it into one of the best things ever happening to you!

Speak with a man who can show you the way through “space” and onward to clarity, connection, and a restored intimacy.
No sales pitch, no B.S.

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