Path #2: Community + Courses

$250.00 / month


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  • Highly engaged, guidance from mentors
  • Sixteen (sometimes more) Interactive, Small Group Live Zoom Sessions Per Month
  • Unlimited access to all Introductory-Level Courses
  • Unlimited access to all Intermediate-Level Courses
  • Unlimited access to the “S.E.C.R.E.T. manual” (Strategies for Empowerment, Confidence, Resilience, and Triumph – The Clarity Manual for a Man’s Life)
  • Unlimited access to all “Manhood University” Courses
  • Access to our private, men’s only community, Mentoring Men.
    • Ongoing connection, support, and guidance from a worldwide community of high-caliber men.
    • Detailed, helpful, responsive guidance from mentors.
    • Members-only Content
    • Members-only Discussions and Mentor Interactions
  • Note: No refunds are given on membership or mentoring subscriptions (more: