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This course is ideal for a man who has already done a good bit of the hard work of renewing his worldview, taking personal ownership and responsibility over his life and is ready to stop blaming the female in his life for his unhappiness.


 Cultivate Trust & Closeness

This is the second of four courses in The Journey To Masculine Greatness.

Move From Move To
  • Incompetent fumbling your way through your relationship with females, in conversations and in the bedroom
  • Calm confidence in communicating your love passionately and deeply
  • Wishing the woman in your life was more soft, feminine, open, passionate, and sexually interested
  • Creating positive, exciting tension and romance for your partner
  • Being boring and predictable to your wife or girlfriend
  • Learning to cultivate way more feminine essence within your feminine partner by being your best masculine self
  • Being the kind of man a woman cheats or wants to cheat on
  • Being the kind of man your wife or girlfriend would want to have an affair with
  • Not knowing how to make a woman feel deeply loved and valued
  • Expertly showing your wife your deepest and most sincere love

Core Focus: 

Improving a Man’s Relationships With Self & His Partner

Time Investment:
  • This segment requires seven months of calendar time to complete. However, there is no time limit, so if slower is needed, that’s fine.
  • This segment requires a minimum investment of three hours a month for your one-on-one meetings with your VIP guide. You will schedule these yourself based on your scheduled needs.
  • This segment comes with access to one live community call per month with men on the same journey. These are highly connecting and helpful, though not required for men getting one-on-one guidance and care. Each call is 90-120 minutes and is also recorded. You can access any recording you like.
  • On average, personal study and assignments require between 1-2 hours per week. The more a man can dedicate to this, the more he will get from the experience.
  • This segment is greatly enhanced by community participation. In fact, the men who have the most radical transformations are, without question, the ones who participate with one another the most. Therefore, men who can give additional time to interact with men on the same journey will prosper. Most men are overjoyed to encounter men with the depth and character in this experience and do so naturally as a result.
Financial Investment:

The Connected Intimate Man experience will require a financial investment of ~$1500, depending on your selected payment options.


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Charles McKeever – Principal/Founder – TX, USA, Dennis Collins – Principal/Founder – KS, USA, Matt Epsky – Principal/Founder – MN, USA, Sven Masterson – Principal/Founder – PA, USA, Andrew Garrett – Apprentice – KY, USA, Andy Markl – Apprentice – SC, USA, Brian Kuty – Apprentice – NY, USA, Craig Vickers – Apprentice – NH, USA, Dan Fritsch – Associate – WV, USA, Jeff Friedman – Apprentice – CA, USA, Sean Mathew – Apprentice – TX, USA, Steve Swasey – Apprentice – UT, USA, No One Is Inviting or Referring Me


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