Dennis Collins

Professional Men’s Mentor & Coach

I mentor men in three primary ways…

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More Information about the mentoring options available with Dennis Collins

Option 1: Community + Free Courses as an "Explorer"

"Explorers" enjoy the Mentoring Men community at the most basic, yet private level we have to offer.

Access includes ample opportunity to connect and develop deep connections with other men, both online and face-to-face.

Explorers are free to join all public community sessions (over 20 per month) and enjoy access to a multitude of free introductory courses about topics that concern and interest men.

All our community members, including Explorers, experience thoughtful, personal, instructive, and encouraging feedback from other members and, often, our mentors also.

This is a great, low-risk way to begin exploring the Mentoring Men community, ethos, values, and message without a commitment. Explorers grow substantially in our community, just a little slower than our forms of involvement.

Option 2: Community + Small Group Mentoring as a Pathfinder

"Pathfinders" enjoy all that our "Explorers" enjoy, plus an intense, deeply personal, small group mentoring experience called "The Journey To Masculine Greatness" ("JMG").

These members engage in a journey of personal transformation like no other, connecting even more profoundly with other community members on the same journey in the JMG experience.

This includes up to four additional monthly live mentoring sessions with small groups of men committed to growing upward together.

Members that remain enrolled in the JMG experience for 24 months are granted lifetime FREE community membership.

Option 3: Community + Small Group Mentoring as a Vanguard

"Vanguards" take the Pathfinder experience one step further by adding elite, personal care and guidance to the experience.

Vanguards experience twelve private, one-on-one mentoring sessions over each course segment with the very personalized car and support of an experienced expert men's mentor. 

This extra help of a one-on-one guide is a force multiplier for significant personal transformation and growth.

Vanguards often overcome significant personal and relational challenges in their lives on this journey and report significant improvement in their sense of well-being, happiness, contentment, and connection.

My Approach

I have experience with the pain of what I thought was a solid marriage ending.  The deep pain associated with this is something I will always remember.  What I did not realize for a number of years that it was a tremendous gift.  

What I did not have was a mentor or coach, and I failed badly not realizing what I was doing to try and “save” my marriage was actually making things worse.  To this day I vividly can recall in tears saying “tell me what I need to do to fix it” to my wife.  I learned the hard way which is why I am a full time coach now, to help men avoid additional pain and suffering associated with this, and possibly helping them turn their marriage into a far better version of what it was.

I am direct, honest and believe in accountability. Men that I coach do not get told what they want to hear, I tell them what they need to hear, need to know.  We discuss all aspects of their life, nothing is off limits.  In the end the men that I coach end up have better relationships with their kids, do better at work, and often turn around to a better loving, connected, and more intimate marriage.

For those that cannot get to version 2.0 with their wife, they find that life an amazing life with deep meaningful connections and relationships.  They learn how being present in the moment is what is critical to an amazing life.

You will find that I will walk beside you in this journey, you will not be alone.  We may feel some pain together but we will also smile and laugh and enjoy your success as you create an amazing life for yourself.

Dennis Collins
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