The Journey To Masculine Greatness

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

Move From...

  • A ruminating mind that's stuck on toxic, negative, fearful, and anxious outcomes.
  • Endless searching for approval and love
  • Doubting your masculinity
  • Low regard for yourself and others
  • Feeling disrespected, rejected, and alone
  • Constant up-and-down feelings about your value and self-worth
  • Feeling alone in a crowed room
  • Endless frustration from never feeling good enough
  • Sexless marriage, non-existent or lackluster intimacy
  • Endless nights of binging porn or Netflix dreaming of better days
  • Disconnection, no passion, no connection, and feeling like roommates

    Move Into...

    • A mind ruminating on the endless possibilities for great things
    • Endless affirmation and love for yourself and others
    • Knowing your testicular fortitude 
    • High regard for yourself and others
    • Knowing yourself to be respectable, self-acceptance, and the joys of solitude
    • Certainty of your value and self-worth
    • Delighting in the solitude of your own company
    • Tranquility and peace from being enough
    • Thriving intimacy and sexual satisfaction
    • A life too busy for Netflix and turned off by porn.
    • Deep, passionate, emotional connection and closeness

      Our Journey

      The Journey to Masculine Greatness (“JMG”)  is an intense “soup to nuts” mentoring experience we created for men.

      It’s a highly transformational, personal development journey that leads men to rediscover who they truly are and, from there, to live calm, secure, confident, and unapologetic lives filled with connection, intimacy, mission, and purpose.

      We guide men to gain confidence in themselves and build a secure foundation of love, appreciation, trust, and respect for themselves before showing them how to build epic and satisfying lives upon this foundation.

      JMG is a 24-month experience that covers four “segments,” each tailored around four main focuses of a total-person transformation that…

      • Repairs and restores a man’s heart and mind.
      • Improves his relationship with himself and others.
      • Shows him the path to an intimate, deeply connected, emotionally and physically satisfying romantic relationship.
      • Propels him forward in discovering and fulfilling his purpose and mission.

      The journey consists of four six-month-long segments for men who choose to experience all four segments (which we recommend).

      While commitment to the entire 24-month experience is not required, the segments must be taken in order.

      Part 1: The Renewed Masculine Man

      Experience profound personal transformation and self-discovery by restoring the masculine heart, mind, and body, uncovering the path to the deep and emotionally-satisfying connection and vibrant, passionate intimacy you’ve longed for.

      Experience what the Greeks called anakainōsis: a renewal, renovation, complete change for the better as you venture into the depths of the masculine heart, mind, body, and soul.

      Re-wire the broken places of your mind and heart and learn to live a life of fullness, contentment, and satisfaction.

      Part 2: The Connected Intimate Man

      Experience further personal transformation as you explore seven masculine archetypes of the masculine soul that cultivate trust, confidence, contentment, adventure, and passion in life and relationships and create deeper intimacy in the process.

      This curated journey will help a man discover the qualities within himself necessary to cultivate his woman wide open and create the abundant, deep, emotional, and physical connection he longs for with her.

      Who is the JMG Experience Designed For?

      The Journey To Masculine Greatness experience is designed for a man who fits one or more of the following criteria:

      Men in Relationships…
      • who have already experienced their most painful and traumatic emotional and relational turmoil.
      • who have “stopped the bleeding” that began when their significant other told them, “I want a divorce!” or “I need space,” or “I love you, but I’m not in love with you,” or “yes, I do have feelings for him!”.
      • who are in a sexless marriage or facing “intimacy anorexia” who can’t figure out exactly what happened to make the intimacy dry up between them and their partner, but it did, and they want it back!
      • who no longer have the primary mission of “saving the relationship” but are more interested in saving themselves.
      • who’s biggest uncertainty is how he can turn himself and the relationship around.
      • who are trying, but it just feels like he’s “two steps forward and three steps back.”
      • who aren’t even sure if they can continue or even if wants to.
      • who are disoriented and confused about where they find themselves in life and where they’re headed.
      Any Men…
      • who can’t shake the anxious, gnawing feelings of uncertainty about themselves.
      • who is having trouble being his greatest self because he’s riddled with self-defeating beliefs.
      • who feels alone in a crowded room.
      • who feels constantly rejected and dismissed, unseen and uncared for.
      • who wonder… “is this all there is?!” and want to experience more of what life has to offer before it’s too late and they die.
      • who are beginning to fear that time is running out to live the life they’ve always wanted to live.
       His wants are simple…
      • He wants to start feeling better and have less pain.
      • He wants intimacy, deep emotional connection, and intimacy.
      • He wants to feel confident in his own skin.
      • He wants to know why he’s here
      • He wants to feel alive again
      • He wants camaraderie and support.
      • He wants to be the best man he can be.

      But he spends a good bit of time wondering…
      • Will I ever be happy?
      • Will I ever experience intimacy again? It seems so impossible!
      • Can my relationship be salvaged?
      • Will life ever feel meaningful?
      • What did I do to deserve this?
      • When will she ever start to work on herself?
      How Can A Man Know If He's Ready?

      Over 95% of JMG applicants state in their application that they’re afraid “they don’t have what it takes” and “that it won’t work.”

      That’s common and normal.

      This is why an experience like JMG is so necessary for men today! Those feelings are born from low self-worth, poor self-trust, and an eroding sense of confidence. This is exactly what we help men recover.

      Most men who join the JMG experience excel brilliantly in nearly every way of life except one – their relationships.

      They’re respected and admired in the community, at the office, and by their friends, but at the dinner table or in the bedroom, it’s like a whole other world.

      If this sounds like you and you’re ready to go on this journey, be the man that makes the decision and does it!

      Just make sure first you are a man, that is…

      • Ready to be real with yourself and others
      • Ready to be responsible for himself
      • Committed to this journey
      • Dedicated to his own well-being
      • Willing to put in the
        • Love
        • Initiative
        • Follow-through
        • Effort
      Required Mindsets
      • A desire for growth and transformation.
      • Willingness to experience challenges.
      • L.I.F.E (love, initiative, follow-through, effort).
      • Humility and vulnerability.
      • Empathy, compassion, and understanding.
      • Passion for becoming your best.
      • Dedication to your journey and companions.
      • Diligence, hard work, and commitment to becoming the man you and those who love you will be proud of.
      • Willingness to be deeply seen, understood and challenged to be your best.
      • Unwillingness to make excuses.
      • Commitment to openness, honesty, and relating deeply one-on-one with a mentor who won’t shy away from saying hard things and asking difficult questions.
      What Others Are Saying

      “The Renewed Masculine Male course is a very deep-dive into the psychology of the mind and the inner man. Taking the course helped me understand my own inner world better and also provided me specific tools and ideas to learn to live in such a way that is the more consistent with the man I know I am and want to be.”

      – Sean in Dallas, TX

      “I was very intrigued yet hesitant to sign up … mostly due to the financial investment but also just have never done anything like this before. I really wanted to grow personally and also gain more insights to help the clients that I work with as a licensed mental health counselor. I finally decided to take the plunge. Looking back now after having completed the course I can say wholeheartedly that it was worth every penny. I utilize the concepts and principles that I’ve learned daily both personally and professionally. I’ve also gained valuable relationships with other men…. that he graciously imparts to all. Hesitate no longer and start the journey towards the growth that you’ve been needing.”

      – Michael in Boston, MA

      “[The] frameworks for personal change and growth have been among the best I’ve experienced in my personal development as a man. I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside him for multiple months, and have gained a better and clearer sense of myself, my identity, what’s holding me back, and what steps I need to take to grow further. I also encountered a few ideas I wasn’t used to hearing, and initially did not want to hear–but it was *precisely* those things that took me to the next levels of growth. If you’re looking for powerful frameworks for change in your life, a brother who cares, and an honest assessment of where you’re at and what needs to happen next, get ahold of Sven. I would highly recommend starting with the 90 minute zero-sales-pitch consultation.

      – Bruce, OH

      When I first met Sven, my life and marriage were in a tailspin. He knew exactly what I was going through. I had never talked to another man about my feelings and emotions. Over the past eight months I have learned so much about myself thanks to Sven and the community of men that he introduced me to. I now take ownership of myself and my life. I’m learning not to assign my value to anything outside of myself and strive to be a better man everyday. As a side effect, my wife and I are now working on a renewed marriage.

      – Brian, Buffalo, NY

      “[This] no-nonsense approach to becoming the Man you need and aspire to be. The techniques [they] utilize help to create significant & lasting changes to your thoughts and actions. I can’t recommend [it] enough.”

      – C.W. in SC

      My life, my thinking, my emotional stability and overlook outlook on life is greatly changing for the better since I’ve been working with Sven. Hoping to improve ourselves and our relationship, my wife and I have spent years and thousands of dollars in traditional counseling. While it was helpful in some regards, the benefit I’m getting from coaching work with Sven absolutely dwarfs the results from previous counseling work. Sven’s focus and philosophy turns the traditional approach to men’s self-improvement and development on it’s head. His coaching is very grounding, rooted in sound scientific research and removes the outward focus on other people, situations and circumstances and turns it all inward to self. The journey is difficult, but the results are coming to me by the day. If you’re looking for results, real, grounded and enduring results, look no further than Sven Masterson. Working with him is changing my life.

      – Brian R, UT


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      † 1-on-1 sessions with a founder do not need to be with the same founder for all sessions.
      †† Extra course materials include those considered required for the course and are usually the participant’s responsibility to secure themselves.
      ††† At the Founder’s discretion. All travel expenses to and from the retreats(s) are excluded.
      †††† At the Founder’s discretion. All travel expenses to and from the retreats(s) are excluded. Must maintain “Forerunner” status throughout the entire JMG experience.
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