We show high-character men how to experience renewed, connected, inspired, and empowered lives...

and live with strong hearts, sound minds, calm emotions, confident actions, deep connection, and white-hot, passionate intimacy.

Experience The Adventure Of Connecting With High-Value Men

We maintain a private, men's-only mentoring community dedicated to living exceptional, masterful lives. Our members journey together toward an adventurous, transcendent, and meaningful experience of masculine life.

  • Learn the way to the life you want from guides who know the way.
  • Build deep friendships with other men.
  • Explore courses on men's topics
  • Connect with professional mentors and coaches

VIP One-on-One Guidance For Men

Our guides can show you the way toward a life filled with more of what you deeply desire and less of what you deeply hate.

Get Help Restoring Broken Relationships

Let us show you how to restore romance, intimacy, and deep emotional connection in your long-term relationship.

Why Is Your Husband, Boyfriend, or Fiancé Speaking or Working With Mentoring Men?

Understand what’s going on with your partner and how it may impact you

Join our global brotherhood of high-character, high-caliber men

Join our private, members-only community of virtuous men as we move forward together into a more masterful experience of masculinity.
Move with us as we travel far shallow talk of and enjoy the soul-satisfying richness of deep brotherhood. Experience other intelligent, deep-thinking, and relationally-available men as we vulnerablty share and receive encouragement from one another.

Experience one-on-one mentoring with men who will hold you in high regard

Do you hunger for the counsel, insight and guidance of men experienced in walking the path you’re walking through? Is your desire for a guide more than can be met in a community setting? Our network of experienced mentors and coaches stand ready to walk alongside you on your journey.

life enrichment for men of excellence

What We Do


one-on-one mentoring

Our network of highly-experienced professional mentors and coaches share their knowledge, wisdom, and experience with interested men in regular one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions.  

group mentoring

Men seeking the fellowship and camaraderie of other men in their journey connect with similar men in mentoring and coaching groups forming close bonds, reliable friendships, and valuable relationships.  

men's community

Engage in a rigorous, deep dialog with deep-thinking, vulnerable, and initiated men. Discuss topics most men are too scared to bring up. Ask hard questions and get meaningful, actionable responses from professional mentors and coaches.

Men's Retreats & Meetups

Connect with other great men in face-to-face enriching encounters. Enjoy day-hikes, cocktails or dinner with emotionally-intelligent, deep and excellent men. 
Signup for retreats where men learn the finer skills of mastering masculinity.

Men's Courses

Our professional coaches and mentors offer terrific practical guidance in courses men can take online at their own pace and schedule. Explore topics like sexless marriage, emotional affairs, developing an abundance mindset and much more.

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