Frequently Asked Questions

Why mentoring?

We believe our formation and experience as men would have been much better had we had more mentoring along the way.

Likewise, the mentoring we have managed to get has been extremely profitable to each of us.

We believe men showing other men the way is an ancient path that men have taken for thousands of years – that is, until the present.

Our desire is to do our best to walk alongside other men so that no man feels alone on his journey.

Who needs a mentor or coach?

We’d love to see every interetsed man have access to a mentor or coach despite any demographic.

For much of human history, mentoring was the natural process that culture followed to ensure the transmission of values and to equip future generations to thrive.

We believe this has been lost. One of our chief goals is to see this return.

Most men won’t realize they need a mentor or coach until they encounter a painful personal or professional crisis. However, many men could perhaps avoid these by beginning with mentoring before crises take place.

How can I become a mentor?

Mentoring is process of a menetor sharing values and life experience with another person in a deeply impactful relationship that transforms the mentee over many months or years.

This mentoring process is not one that can be bypassed for those who wish to become a mentor. The chief credential needed to be a mentor is to have been mentored. 

In our community we invite men for being mentors only once they have been through a vigorous mentoring process with an existing mentor or coach.

This ensures that we consistently reproduce our shared values, vision, and ethos and that we know well the men who are operating in this capacity.

In addition to being mentored, we also invite men who we have recognized among our community as men already organically mentoring others. The leaders among us.

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