real issues married men face

Find yourself daydreaming about starting over with a new woman?

Hey brother, welcome!

Chances are that you’re here staring at this page for several reasons…

Maybe you’re suffering as a husband, and someone you know told you to come here, or maybe you saw an ad on social media or scanned a QR code somewhere.

Or maybe because you’re deeply struggling, even though no one knows it.

Perhaps you’re a man feeling ashamed at fantasizing about your marriage ending so you can find a new woman and enjoy a deeper, richer emotional and physical connection. Still, you’re worried that time is running out to find and live the life you’ve dreamed about.

You might be none of those and shocked or even disgusted that someone is talking about daydreaming about becoming a widower, starting over, and you’re just here looking into me with a morbid curiosity.

Like… what kind of deadbeat husbands and fathers daydream about starting over?

What kind of man sits around his wishing his wife would die so he can find a new special someone and start over?

This page is for the man who feels like his marriage hasn’t produced the life he wants. It’s for the man feeling hopeless, stuck, and downright when wondering, “is this all there is?”

The man who should continue reading and get in touch with us is…

  • The man who secretly believes he probably married the wrong woman.
  • The man who is tired of feeling like he’s living a Groundhog Day existence and that all his life is about us being a cash machine, security guard, taxi or uber driver, handyman, and in general, living for everyone else’s benefit.
  • The man who wanted way more out of marriage than he feels like he has ever found.
  • The man who finds himself daydreaming about starting over with a new woman.
  • The man who keeps finding himself infatuated with other women he meets.
  • The man feeling like nice guys always finish last, but who feels endlessly stuck being one.
  • The man who feels woefully close to having an affair, or maybe has, or at least wants one much of the time.
  • The man worried that time is running out and that there isn’t much time left to find that special someone with whom he can build the life of his dreams.
  • The man who feels horribly ashamed at even acknowledging that he’s given up hope that doing so is even possible with his wife.
  • The man privately experiencing deep pain, frustration, and thirst and frequently asking himself, God, the Universe, or anyone who might listen, “Is this all there is?! Certainly, there must be more!”
  • The man who other people seem to find respectable, engaging, and valuable…except for the one who matters most to him – his wife.
  • The man wanting more from his intimate life and who feels like the deep emotional connection and white-hot sex and romance he’s longed for is just not possible in this marriage.
  • And lastly, a man stopped in his tracks to learn that somebody out there knows exactly what it is like to feel these same ways and knows precisely the way out the frustration and despair.

What kind of men say this kinda stuff?!

Men who are honest, authentic, and healed, that’s who!

I’m Sven Masterson, one of the Founders of Mentoring Men and I’m no longer ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to admit that I lived in every single one of these stories.

In fact, I spent two decades in and out of the misery of these ways before some older wiser men threw me a lifeline.

I had been praying and looking for these men my whole life but could never seem to find them.

It seemed like all I could ever find were men talking about their favorite sports, hobbies, food, drinks, and such, but never a man who would tell me his scariest and most vulnerable truths!

What happened next?

I spent years climbing out of an emotional, spiritual, and mental pit. A pit that no pastor, therapist, friend, or family member was very helpful with helping me get out of.

Then two mentors came into my life, showed me the same kind of authentic vulnerability I now show other men, and helped hoist me out.

I started telling my story to other men around the globe and discovering, much to my surprise, just how many men were stuck in similar holes.

Over several years, I began spending so much time helping men climb out that I left my IT career, got additional training in being a professional men’s coach, and began dedicating my best hours to the mission of helping others stuck living how I had been.

Now I have an epic relationship with my wife of twenty-eight years – Zelda. We share a depth of love and connection I frankly didn’t think was possible. We have a passionate and romantic relationship that would make many people blush, and it keeps getting better and better.

What you should do next!

I want to talk with you if you’re still reading this and feeling like I’ve been living inside your head, under your couch, or reading your journal.

It’s simple.

Just fill out the form below, and I’ll send your more information on setting up a FREE Suffering Husband Clarity Call with me.

You’ll receive highly personal, loving, and non-judgmental care and encouragement, and actionable steps about what to do next.

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