Private Community Guidelines

These guidlines apply to our private men’s community and any system operated by Mentoring Men, LLC in which members are active at-will participants.

This community is for male human beings only. We love female human beings and are engaged in being excellent men to compliment their wonderfulness.

However, to do that, we have limited our community to men only in order to provide men a unique atmosphere in which to gain masculine insight from only men.

By a member joining they are indicating they fit this criteria. Those who register and enter into the community despite this criteria will be hastily removed without refund once discovered. Please respect our guidelines. 

At all times members will demonstrate respect, support, kindness, and appreciation for each other.

At all times members will treat the postings as top secret and will not share anything outside the confidence of this community.
At all times members will assume the best of intentions from other brothers in this community.
At all times members will be honest, direct and transparent with each other. Members are expected to show respect to everyone in the community. 
At all times members will provide their insights and viewpoints without lecturing, advising or coaching someone without their permission. 

We are a community built upon an existing brotherhood of professional mentors and coaches. The community of coaches and mentors emerged organically and continues to grow organically. We work hard to ensure that our shared values continue to be reproduced among ourselves and in those we mentor. There is no means of becoming a mentor on our platform without a relationship with a mentor or coach.

With that in mind, only those persons authorized and approved by Mentoring Men, LLC to do so will identify themselves as “Professional Mentor”, “Professional Coach”, “Mentor”, “Coach”, or other derivatves intended to inform our members of a mentoring or coaching role that is not recognized by Mentoring Men, LLC.

Anyone identifying as a coach or mentor without such authorization will be removed from the community without refund.

Members who want advice/help/mentoring or coaching…only need to say so directly or ask a question. Otherwise it’s assumed you’re just venting.

While we’ve worked hard to provide a safe, technologically advanced platform for our community, we make no guarantees of privacy or confidence of information shared within. 

No member should ever post anything they wouldn”t want viewed in a major newspaper, not merely on our network, but on the internet in general.

Our service is offered without liability for what others do with information a man elects to post.

The founders of Mentoring Men, LLC along with our authorized moderators have unilateral power to remove anyone from this community without notice or discussion or refund.