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Woodshop Wisdom #19 – Speak Your Truth and Create What You Want!

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Welcome brother! If this is your first time reading Woodshop Wisdom, this is a place where, every Monday, we answer a specific question from the men’s communityWe give straight-forward answers to a variety of relationship problems and the challenges men face everyday as a provider, father and husband. And often we will challenge you to go much deeper in your understanding of the problem and how to think about it more effectively. 

Let’s get started. 


Hey brothers, in 5 words can you describe the core values of the GoodGuys2GreatMen Roundtable community?  I am curious what you think those five values would be?

Five words – “What feels true for you?”

I can elaborate because in that statement is the core values I live by. 

#1 WHAT – This is the belief that life is a journey, an epic adventure, an exploration that unfolds when asked a question. If you believe the world is abundant, it will provide answers.  If not, you will remain stuck.  The ability to change is in a self-reflectinglife-altering question, not someone else’s answer.

#2 FEELS – I believe this speaks to the importance of integratingyour mindbody, and spirit to the purposeful pursuit of one’s desires and mission.  It tells an important story about how you are  interacting with and responding to the world around you.  It points toward what you are experiencing and gives clues to your own thinking and ultimately your beliefs.

#3 TRUE – This is referencing your alignment with your own core principles and values.  It is the foundation on which you live.  Your truth portrays your faith, how you value acceptance, the depth of your commitment, and your integrity.

#4 & 5 FOR YOU – This is an inside-out game we are playing.  I will never fully comprehend the experience that is within you.  I can empathize and relate to similar feelings and experiences, but never truly know 100% of you.  That is why you must take responsibilityand ownership of your life and express freely to me what is true for you.  If that is done, this brotherhood is powerful, loving, and furthers our depth of understanding together.  Your story influences mine.

“What feels true for you?”

Thoughts From The Woodshop

I never really saw what I did was all that special.  I build cabinets and things out of wood.  I make sawdust really.  I’m not saving lives or changing the world.

Until I saw myself differently. Until I asked myself a different question.

“What is true for me?”

Now I see what I do as a beautiful, generous collaboration.  It is a group of differing individuals coming together to design and create a better vision for their lives and their surroundings.

I get to meet new and fascinating people with unique stories and backgrounds.  I get to sit with them and listen to them and work with them to create just a small amount of beauty in this world.  I get to use my skills and one of my passions to enhance their lives. 

We help our customers manifest a vision within themselves by getting to know each other better.  Through questions, shared ideas, and opinions we find out about each other’s likes and dislikes. We produce something together that really fits into their life and expresses their values and personalities.

It can be fun and unusually connecting.  We find moments to laugh throughout our time together.  The most common statement I hear when my customers leave is, “This was so much fun!  It was the best meeting we had so far.”

That is what I build now.  I build connection. I help build someone else’s vision for themselves.  I build relationships.  The cabinets come with the purchase. 😊

That feels true for me.  What feels true for you?

Where to go from here? 

I see you man. I see that you are ready to engage, you are ready to create something new. I see that you are ready to pick up the tools we have available and get back to building something in your life that is beautiful, impactful, and meaningful. I look forward to seeing it.

It all starts with a question – what do you want to build?

Most of us men spend a lot of time in our heads.  We have conversations with ourselves but never show that thinking and feeling side to anyone else. The question and answer example above is exactly like the wise conversations we have every day ALL day in the Mentoring Men Community.  This is the smartest, strongest, most caring and courageous group of men I’ve ever known.

We meet weekly for group coaching calls and have deep conversations with men around the world 24/7.  This online men’s group is like none other out there.  This is what we hear.

“Thank you, Thank You, Thank You for reminding me of who I really am and helping me kill that annoying hummingbird. My wife has seen an immediate change in my attitude and outlook while she has struggled to make progress of her own. She has even made the statement that “I want to be where you are and want to find something that I can connect with and that will make me a better person.”

Join us and start changing your life faster than you ever thought possible.

Matt Epsky

Matt Epsky

As Co-Founder of Mentoring Men and a Certified Goodguys2Greatmen Men’s Coach student, Matt picks a question from the men’s community each week and uses the collective wisdom of the men's community to give an insightful response. Talk with Matt Epsky about making positive changes in your own life.
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