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Private, Men’s Only Community Access

20+ Live Community Calls per month

24-Month, Journey to Masculine Greatness Experience (Includes The Renewed Masculine Man, The Connected Intimate Man, The Inspired Attractive Man, and The Empowered Initiated Man)††


Lifetime FREE Membership After 24 Months*




per month


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†† Extra course materials include those considered required for the course and are usually the participant’s responsibility to secure themselves.
* Members who experience 24 months (contiguous or non-contiguous) of JMG experience complimentary free access to Mentoring Men from that point forward. Excludes fees paid by apprentices or professional mentors.

Explorer Membership Subscription

The “Explorers” path represents basic membership in Mentoring Men. Explorers enjoy wide access to wander all public community discussions, events, and multiple introductory courses. They experience the broad support of a tight-knit, global band of brothers. As men are still investigating things, the Explorer path involves more “trickle-down” learning from conversations “in the public square” between men relating their experiences and information they’re encountering on the deeper paths. Because we are one community oriented around the same concepts, Explorers are still exposed to the same cornerstone concepts and ideas discussed in our more advanced paths. However, this “public square” discourse occurs more organically and randomly. Lastly, Explorers are loved and served by our community as much as all others. They’re not second-class citizens but are valued equally. They receive less personal care, attention, and guidance from our mentors, but because they’ve committed themselves to less, we honor that by offering a reciprocal level of commitment. Explorers’ main challenge is that they tend to flounder without a map and a guide, which confirms a typical fear-based bias that all men have that “it won’t work.” As former Explorers in personal development and communities, we empathize with this! As a result, we’ve built our community to engage Explorers as much as possible at the level of commitment they can make. Being an Explorer is a great place to start! Nevertheless, we unapologetically hope that every man among us will join our deeper work.

Pathfinder Membership Subscription

The “Pathfinders” path represents a more advanced membership Mentoring Men. Pathfinders enjoy all that Explorers do with the additional benefit of our signature mentoring process, the Journey to Masculine Mastery (“JMG”). In JMG, Pathfinders follow a carefully and masterfully curated process of personal transformation that spans four six-month courses over 24 months:

  1. The Renewed Masculine Man
  2. The Connected Intimate Man
  3. The Inspired Attractive Man
  4. The Empowered Initiated Man

While these courses are available per course, the Pathfinder subscription offers an affordable, per-month, budget-friendly way to experience our flagship experience without ever investing larger lump sums for a course. During the JMG program, Pathfinders meet with our mentors in live, intimate, small groups for more personal mentoring and guidance while also undertaking an extensive journey of self-discovery alongside other Pathfinders doing the same. Pathfinders invest ten times more than Explorers for the 24-month duration of their journey. They end their journey as “initiated” members of the Mentoring Men community and are granted lifetime complimentary membership from that point onward as men who’ve become valuable, influential, and esteemed members of our community. Pathfinders are loved and served by our community equally. However, men who have committed themselves to tenfold the investment of Explorers receive tenfold attention, guidance, and personal care from our mentors. Because our chief mission is to transform masculinity on planet Earth, we desire to see every member become a Pathfinder or more.

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