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Explorer Membership Subscription

The “Explorers” path represents our most basic membership in Mentoring Men.


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Explorer Community Membership Subscription

  • Private, Men’s Only Community Access
  • FREE courses to help you succeed in life and relationships
  • 20+ Live Community Calls per month

“Explorers” enjoy the Mentoring Men community at the most basic yet private level we have to offer.

Access includes ample opportunity to connect and develop deep connections with other men, both online and face-to-face.

Explorers are free to join all public community sessions (over 20 per month) and enjoy access to a multitude of free introductory courses about topics that concern and interest men.

All our community members, including Explorers, experience thoughtful, personal, instructive, and encouraging feedback from other members and, often, our mentors also.

This is a great, low-risk way to begin exploring the Mentoring Men community, ethos, values, and message without a commitment. Explorers grow substantially in our community, just a little slower than our deeper forms of involvement.


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