Community Membership – Six Months

$300.00 every 6 months



The Brotherhood” represents basic membership in Mentoring Men.

Members enjoy wide access to all public community discussions, events, and multiple introductory courses. They experience the broad support of a tight-knit, global band of brothers. As men are still investigating things, this path involves more “trickle-down” learning from conversations “in the public square” between men relating their experiences and information they’re encountering on the deeper paths. Because we are one community oriented around the same concepts, Members are still exposed to the same cornerstone concepts and ideas discussed in our more advanced paths. However, this general discourse occurs more organically and randomly.

Lastly, our community loves and serves these members as much as all others. They’re not second-class citizens but are valued equally. They receive less personal care, attention, and guidance from our mentors, but because they’ve committed themselves to less, we honor that by offering a reciprocal level of commitment. The Brotherhood members’ main challenge is that they tend to flounder without a map and a guide, which confirms a typical fear-based bias that all men have that “it won’t work.” As former members in other personal development and communities, we empathize with this! As a result, we’ve built our community to engage all our members as much as possible at the level of commitment they can make. Being a member of The Brotherhood is a great place to start! Nevertheless, we unapologetically hope that every man among us will join our deeper work.


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