You needn't experience fatherhood alone


Welcome brother, we’re glad you’re here.

Like you, we’ve experienced the highs and lows, and everything in between when it comes to being dads.

We’ve learned a lot about this unique and masculine journey into fatherhood.

We’ve come to call this “dad-agonia”, the land of our sojourn. It’s the experiences that shape us as dads and men.

Dad-agonia, like Patagonia, is filled with immense and awe-inspiring beauty as we’re sure you already know. It’s also filled with perilous places. Places where a man finds himself feeling alone, without connection or intimacy, angry, resentful… dissapointed.

Most men make the critical mistake of trying to endure these dark corners of dad-agonia alone. Others make the parallel mistake of leaving other fathers to experience this alone.

We’re different. We don’t journey through dad-agonia alone, but as a unique global community of exceptional men. Men who care deeply about one another. Men who show up in the difficult times and places. Men who love and support.

Don’t continue to experience Dad-agonia aone. Let us journey with you.

What it’s like to journey through dad-agonia with other men.

This past year has been the toughest year of my life, I have went through hardships that might have done me in the past.  Instead, I have risen to the challenge of finding myself and who I am.  This group, and the men in this tribe have been there every step of the way.  Helping to steer me away from the cliffs when I was blindly walking in the dark.  They have helped to guide me on my path, telling me when I was full of shit, (but doing it with love, and not anger and resentment)  As my circle of friends around me has shrunk, this group of men has expanded my circle.  And what I know, is that their love is true.  Anyone of them would help if I needed it.  In essence, I have found my tribe, and I never really felt like a part of anything before.  I feel like a part of this tribe, like I belong here.

Lonnie K

I had no idea what it really meant to be masculine and suffered inside because of it. This community has helped me get clear on what it means to be a man (having the strength to let go as opposed to reach out and control everything), and who I am as a man specifically. In just a few months, I have a deeper sense of self and a rooted calm that comes with it. I’m far from unflappable, but there’s a grounding that’s hard to describe, but everyone around me comments on. It’s allowed me to weather some of the most tumultuous times of my life with a purpose and strength I sorely lacked before. I was a fractured wreck when I came here. Now I stand and walk tall.

Cliff H

Growing up, I never had a positive male role model. Honestly I can’t really think of any positive female role models either. I spent all of highschool, college and early adulthood drifting. Trying to fit in somewhere, worrying about being “cool” and numbing away pain I held as a deep void in my body.

In this community I have found positive role models. I have found real, genuine, honest, and badass men who are on a journey similar to mine. I have found men who’s opinions I trust and value when I need help, a brotherhood. Most importantly, I have found myself and a safe place to share myself. A place where I practice being authentically me while overcoming the traumas from my past. A place where I can reach out for emotional support when needed. And a place where I can share my story and do my best to support others.
In this community I found out what matters to me in life, and why. Where I am going and why. And how to have the courage to always move in that direction regardless the obstical in the way.

Love you brothers!

Darren C

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